Plambek family

Welcome to the Plambek family.

This site contain information about the Plambek family.

This branch of the Plambek family consist of Daniel Kaae Plambek, Sara Kaae Plambek, and Rene Michael Plambek.

Right now you can read various notes and blog entries from Rene, but this place is being expanded and updated regularly - and soon you'll be able to find a lot more information about the Plambek family, and our various viewpoints of the world.

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Plambek family.

Sara Kaae Plambek, Rene Michael Plambek and Daniel Kaae Plambek.
- Picture taken early summer 2009.

Please note that this site is about the Plambek family. There are other families with almost identically spelled surname - like Plambeck or Plambęk - But this site is not about them.

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Rene Michael Plambek

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